Kim Page, MA, LPC

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I’m so glad you are here! You have to come this page looking for a change-something to be different. It may be relationally, it may spiritually, or the reason may be unknown. That is okay. The reason you came doesn’t matter. What matters is that you came and that is brave. We spend our lives looking for something and I have found myself in this profession because I spent most of my life seeking the answer. I don’t think it’s coincidence that we found it each and I would love to connect with in your journey.

I spent several years working in the attachment and trauma field with adolescents and families. I specialize in working with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and low self-worth. I have also worked in churches with those searching for identity, meaning, and seeking to heal from all sorts of behaviors.

My philosophy is relationship-centered and while I do utilize certain techniques, my premise is that empathy and connection are the chief cornerstones for all healing and breakthrough. So whatever you are seeking- be it freedom from addiction, anxiety and depression, self-esteem, relational issues, grief and life transitions, or faith- I believe we can all heal through connection with God and/or others.  We are made of mind, soul, spirit, and body, and it is vital that we become aware of which area needs the most tending to and when. I provide a holistic lens to counseling, making sure each of these areas are addressed and fostered.

Honor is a core component of our therapeutic relationship. We will openly discuss the various techniques and the four components of our being and you will decide how they will be weaved into your personal goals.

My hope is that you leave changed and filled with hope and promise for your life.

Kim Page
Licensed Professional Counselor