Amy Grauberger, MA, LPC

I believe everyone has the right to live life happily and with great health, both mentally and physically. I have found in my own life that these two go hand in hand, and while both may not be perfect all of the time, one is better than the other sometimes. I believe our emotions are instinct, and how we think about them and act on them can make them helpful or harmful. I like to help people realize how their current coping mechanisms are no longer helpful and find new ones that will be of better service. Much of the time, the issues are simple thought patterns that are less simple to change. Perhaps we think we have no reason to be sad or scared, but we do because we feel it. The simple shift in thinking to acceptance, and then the emotion can pass with maybe some insight. Change is hard, but the work is worth the outcome.

Having been a Montessori teacher for 10 years before I became a therapist, I learned to meet people where they are. Maria Montessori thought everyone was born with a blueprint of who they were and what they needed to do to become their true self. I work hard to follow this notion of the individual’s identity and truth. If I come to someone else’s therapy with my agenda, it never works. I have to be able to see my client’s pain and motivation and empathize and we can move on from there. Since I have done my own work, I have great empathy for people in emotional turmoil and deep pain. I have firsthand knowledge of the desperation of long term recovery, as I have 14 years’ recovery of an eating disorder. I value this experience as it shows me every day that I am strong and I can share that strength with others.

I have found mindfulness to be extremely helpful in my recovery and the recovery of my clients. When I am very present, I can then focus on what is really going on and act appropriately rather than react in a state of panic. I practice mindfulness daily with meditation and times of silence throughout the day. I encourage my clients to do the same.This coupled with the change of thinking is very powerful.

I have experience with victims of domestic violence and other childhood trauma. I help people suffering from depression and anxiety learn new skills and ways of viewing life(or whatever you think makes sense) in order to not suffer so much. I enjoy working with people 13 and older. I find individual therapy most rewarding, and work with families as well.