Meet Our Therapists

Counselors in Greeley Colorado

Integrus Counseling Associates is a group of Counselors in Greeley Colorado.   We are devoted to mental health and personal wholeness.  There are currently four counselors, each with different areas of expertise and experience.

Here’s a bit about each of the therapists here at Integrus:

Dr. Sandra Varley, LPC, Integrus Director

Sandra Varley

Over 20 years of Experience

Sexual Trauma and AbuseExpertise:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Marriage and Family Counseling

Sandra is the Director of Integrus Counseling Associates.  She has been a practicing psychotherapist for twenty-three years.  She specializes in sexual abuse and trauma, eating disorders, and marriage and family therapy.  In addition to her practice,  Sandra is an affiliate faculty member at Regis University and an approved supervisor for pre-Licensing psychotherapists.  She serves on the Governing Board for the Colorado Counseling Association.


Kim Page, MA, LPC

Kim picture


  • Attachment
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

I spent several years working in the attachment and trauma field with adolescents and families. I specialize in working with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, and low self-worth. I have also worked in churches with those searching for identity, meaning, and seeking to heal from all sorts of behaviors.


Amy Grauberger, MA, LPC

I believe everyone has the right to live life happily and with great health, both mentally and physically. I have found in my own life that these two go hand in hand, and while both may not be perfect all of the time, one is better than the other sometimes. I believe our emotions are instinct, and how we think about them and act on them can make them helpful or harmful. I like to help people realize how their current coping mechanisms are no longer helpful and find new ones that will be of better service. Much of the time, the issues are simple thought patterns that are less simple to change. Perhaps we think we have no reason to be sad or scared, but we do because we feel it. The simple shift in thinking to acceptance, and then the emotion can pass with maybe some insight. Change is hard, but the work is worth the outcome.


Larry Kerrigan PhD

Dr. Kerrigan is licensed by the State of Colorado to practice psychology. He received a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1974. He also has a Master’s Degree in Theology from St. Mary’s University, Canada and a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Business Economics from Creighton and St. Louis Universities respectively. He has been practicing in Colorado since 1975, first at the Weld Mental Health Center, then at Ackerman and Associates, and more recently in his own private practice.
Much of his practice includes working with depression, anxiety and panic disorders, and marital and family counseling.